British recruitment vertical is teaming up with HR management and recruitment software provider CEIPAL to offer advanced search, job posting and ATS capabilities.

The collaboration also allows recruiters who use CEIPAL to access the 15.8 million resumes on CV-Library’s database and automatically transfer information on candidates resumes to easily post jobs across CV-Library’s network of over 800 sites without having to leave the platform.

CEIPAL is a provider of AI-powered, integrated, and scalable HR management and recruiting software for staffing firms. It links ATSs with job boards, integrating multiple sites to an application to make it quicker and easier for recruiters to find candidates

Its partnership with CV-Library means recruiters who use CEIPAL can write one job description and then post it to multiple CV-Library recruitment sites. It says by integrating its ATS Apply system, application rates for roles double by automatically transferring a candidate’s CV directly from their CV-Library profile to external application forms.

“There’s no doubt that these integrations will make life easier for any hiring professional looking to source top talent,” said Lee Biggins founder and CEO of CV-Library.

“With this partnership, CEIPAL users can search for candidates, advertise new roles and improve application rates, all in one place.”

CV-Library’s sister company in the U.S., Resume-Library already works with CEIPAL and resume search and job posting functions have already been successfully implemented.

“Applying advanced AI-enabled ATS technology to an extensive talent database like CV-Library’s essentially turbo-charges staffing results for people on both sides of the recruitment equation,” said Sameer Penakalapati, founder and CEO of CEIPAL.

CV-Library launched a similar initiative with recruitment management software provider DaXtra in June 2019.

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