Schibsted is now preparing to enter Denmark and expand further into Finland.

Since Adevinta spun off from the company last year, Schibsted has largely focused on Finn in Norway and Blocket in Sweden. Now, the company is turning its focus to integrating Oikotie in Finland. And now that Adevinta has purchased the EBay Classifieds Group, it’s also focusing on integrating EBay’s holdings in Denmark — DBA, Bilbasen and Bilinfo. The deal is expected to be finalized in spring 2021.

Schibsted recently appointed Harald Jacobsen (LinkedIn profile) as Integration director for both Finland and Denmark. In Finland, the integration with Schibsted is on its way with Jussi Lystimäki as CEO. He’s running both Tori and Oikotie, which Schibsted acquired in July.

The Denmark integration is much more complicated, as the Danish business is also integrated into EBay’s primary business. EBay first plans to offload its holdings to Adevinta, which will then be passed to Schibsted. The head of EBay Denmark, Abishek Roy (LinkedIn profile) will continue on at Schibsted after the takeover.

Schibsted isn’t expecting a huge staff to manage the new holdings, either. So far, the group’s Nordic segment has added just two new roles.

We believe that the vertical has many new challenges but also great growth opportunities,” said Robin Suwe, the senior VP of business development at Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces. “We are therefore looking for a new Nordic Business Development Manager to drive the transformation to Next Generation Marketplaces.”

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