SberAuto, a car vertical owned by Sberbank that previously operated as a mobile-only application, recently launched a browser version of its website. It also released a new insurance product that’s priced based on mileage. 

SberAuto’s web browser

Last month, SberAuto launched a web version of its service in an attempt to reach a wider audience. In an interview with the AIM Group this summer, Oleg Golubtsov, Sberbank’s head of classified services, hinted at the potential for a web product.

The web version includes all of the filter features of the mobile app. The company plans to include chat and car report features in Q1 2021.

As of November 27, 2020, there were more than 10,000 listings on SberAuto.

Mileage-based car insurance

At the beginning of November, SberAuto also launched a new car insurance product for the Russian market. The service offers comprehensive and collision coverage with pricing based on miles driven by the owner. If a driver doesn’t use her car frequently, the price of this mileage insurance can be as much as twice cheaper than the cost of the annual insurance.

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