Zurich-based TX Group has appointed Markus A. Wirth as the new chief digital officer as the company continues to focus on digitization, the company announced Friday.

Wirth, a management consultant and entrepreneur, will start at the company in February. He will be tasked with developing and implementing the company’s digital strategy. The new chief digital officer will report to Samuel Hügli. Wirth has more than 20 years of experience in developing corporate strategies in a number of industries in Switzerland and abroad.

Markus A. Wirth

The TX Group runs some of Switzerland’s leading classifieds sites and marketplaces, including Homegate.ch. ImmoStreet.ch, Ricardo, CarForYou and Jobs.ch. The company’s push for digital transformation has become one of its key strategic and operational goals. Earlier this year, the group appointed Yannick Suter to the newly created position of chief data officer.

“Digitization is one of the focal points of our corporate strategy, and the appointment of Yannick Suter and Markus A. Wirth brings greater focus to the topic within the group and allows us to push forward with this faster than before with our colleagues in the companies,” said Samuel Hügli, head technology and ventures at the TX Group and member of the group’s management team.


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