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2021 Automotive Marketplaces Annual

2021 Automotive E-commerce and Marketplaces Report

The “coming soon” sign in autos has been taken down.

The nascent trends in e-commerce have made it to primetime: Digital retail? Check. Auto manufacturers selling direct? Check. Finance integrated with online sales? Check. A battle royale in used-car sourcing? Check. Only car subscriptions remain in the slow lane, but perhaps about to accelerate too.

In this 191-page report, the biggest ever from the AIM Group, we give you information to help you transform your business:

  • Trends: See above. Deep dives into all of those, and more
  • Company Spotlights:  Auto Trader U.K., Auto1 Group, Aramis Group, AutoScout24, Cars.com, CarTrade, Carousell, Carsales, Carsome, Carvana, Cazoo, Finn.no, HeyCar, OLX Autos and more
  • Companies to Watch: ReezoCar, Syarah and VavaCars
  • Top 50: The largest automotive marketplace and classified sites worldwide
  • Top 10: The 10 highest-revenue automotive marketplaces worldwide
  • Leading automotive marketplaces / classified companies in 66 countries, from A(rgentina) to Z(imbabwe)

But wait, there’s more: You want numbers? Almost 30 AIM Group analysts all around the globe spoke to more than 100 executives. We cover more than 150 companies. We take a deep dive into the growing automotive digital retail space and the billions being invested to meet the demand of e-commerce for autos.

Money-back guarantee on all annual / special reports. If you’re unhappy for any reason, let us know and we refund your money graciously. 

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