While the investment amount was not disclosed, Aseyeh Hatami, the founder and CEO of IranTalent told us that they purchased a 70% stake in the ATS.

“We invested in Hire.camp. It was a two year old ATS and very much similar to Recruitee,” said Hatami, referring to the Dutch talent acquisition platform.

Hire.camp automates hiring, CV parsing, resume rating and interview management. “It is now the only ATS in Iran connected to a job board and employers can easily manage the loads of applications they receive from different sources,” said Hatami.

Founded in 2003, IranTalent maintains data of more than 800,000 professionals. Although the site lags behind its competitors IranEstekhdam.ir and Jobinja.ir when it comes to traffic, according to SimilarWeb. IranTalent is rapidly adopting digital tools to make recruitment efficient.

This is the first official investment by IranTalent in HR technology field. The job vertical has already introduced salary tool to help job-seekers understand their market value. It also offers video interviews and virtual job fairs.

International sanctions on Iran have turned out to be a blessing in disguise for tech startups in Iran. The country has a population of 82 million and turns over nearly a million graduates a year from universities.

“Due to sanctions and the absence of international brands in the market, the business of local manufacturers has increased and therefore their hiring and recruitment has significantly increased,” Hatami said.

IranTalent plans to take the ATS product abroad “with a very high quality product but a very competitive price compared to the ones already available in the market,”according to Hatami.

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