Malaysia-based Carsome recently introduced two new services, Home Inspection and Home Delivered Test Drive, which are meant to improve health and safety for customers and employees alike.

Carsome is an online used car marketplace that offers car selling services to individuals and companies. It also offers c-to-b sales through its online bidding portal.

To use the Home Inspection service, customers book an appointment on Carsome’s website for a 30-minute consultation where they receive a quote from a Carsome consultant. Customers can choose to accept the offer on the spot or take the car to an online auction. Carsome representatives will then coordinate transaction paperwork. Customers can decide whether to send the car to the nearest Carsome Experience Center or let them pick it up from their home for no extra charge.

The home-delivered test drive feature functions similarly, with clients booking the service online. A Carsome Consultant follows up with a series of vehicles and can choose their favorite one for a test drive. If the client decides to buy the used car after the test drive, all the paperwork will be completed on the spot by the Carsome agent and the new used car will be sent straight to the client’s home.

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