Blocket, the Swedish horizontal marketplace, has teamed up with Omocom to offer insurance against hidden faults on second-hand electronics sold on the marketplace.

The Schibsted-owned marketplace says the product is targeted at consumers who may feel uncertain purchasing second-hand goods online. Blocket says this problem is fairly common — as many as one in four consumers say they avoid buying used goods because they don’t know if it’ll work correctly.

The insurance product offers 14 days of protection and will provide up to SEK 10,000 ($1,197 U.S.) for repairs and spare parts if the purchased product does not work as expected.

EBay already offers a similar product, its Money Back Guarantee, on every product on the site. quite some time. Unlike EBay’s product, Blocket’s insurance is not free. SEK 10,000 worth of coverage costs around SEK 119, or $14 U.S.

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