OLX India has rebranded one of its recruitment verticals, AasaanJobs, as WaahJobs.

In an exclusive interview with Business World, Tarun Sinha, the CEO of WaahJobs, said the decision to rebrand AasaanJobs was driven by OLX Group’s desire to align the company with the Indian recruitment market. “Waah” is the colloquial Hindi usage for the English word “wow,” used to express emotion of happiness and appreciation.

Sinha says the new name symbolizes the experience that OLX India hopes to offer India’s growing jobs market. WaahJobs will leverage technologies like AI to enhance users’ experience and the application process. It’s also hoping to eliminate the unique roadblocks to jobs in the Indian recruitment marketplaces: lack of information in vernacular languages and low trust / transparency in the market.

Founded in 2014, WaahJobs focuses on blue and gray-collar jobs. It operates in four Indian cities: Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. OLX Group acquired the company in 2019 for an undisclosed amount. Since then, WaahJobs claims to have registered over 60 million job seekers across the nation and hosts over 300,000 jobs every month.

The rebranding coincides with a unique juncture in the Indian recruitment space, as workers from the unorganized economy, who lost their jobs during the lockdown, enter the market in search of new opportunities.

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