BProperty.com, a Bangladesh-based real estate marketplace, has teamed up with IPDC Finance to offer price valuation and legal validation for mortgaged properties. BProperty has data from more than 2.8 million properties, which it says is useful for creating accurate forecasts.

This is the first time a Bangladeshi financial institution has collaborated with an online marketplace for data analysis , according to a news statement.

The property site’s big data technology and valuation algorithms churn out valuations based on nearly four years of data from Bangladesh’s largest cities.

“Our alliance with IPDC Finance will help us provide consumers with the opportunity to receive home loans in much quicker times. This makes the process of buying property a lot easier and more convenient,” said Mark Nosworthy, CEO of BProperty.

BProperty is owned by Emerging Markets Property Group. Its competitors include PBazaar.com and BDHousing.com.

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