Nikolai Mikhailov, the CEO of, will leave the recruitment site to take on the role of investment director at Pracuj Ventures. Kirill Mankovski will become Rabota’s new CEO.

Pracuj Ventures, which is owned by Grupa Pracuj, was formed in 2019 to invest in startups in the human recruitment, learning, and development spaces.

Mikhailov has been in charge of for more than 13 years. “This is the most significant part of my career. After 13 years, it is time to move further. As an Investment Director at Pracuj Ventures, I plan to develop human resource tech in Ukraine, and much more,” Mikhailov said.

Grupa Pracuj specializes in digital recruitment. It owns, Poland’s leading recruitment vertical, Ukraine-based recruitment vertical, and ERecruiter, a Poland-based recruitment service. 

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