LinkedIn is offering free job ads to support the rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations.

The professional networking site is offering free ads to healthcare organizations, pharmacies and public agencies that are staffing up for the effort. They can post ads for free until May 15, LinkedIn announced.

“Organizations are in need of medical and non-medical volunteers and paid staff to speed the roll out of vaccinations and keep frontline healthcare workers free to support surging hospitalizations,” the company stated. “We are in a position to help.”

The ads for nurses, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians and others will be delivered to LinkedIn users through push notifications, real-time alerts, the LinkedIn feed and job search section, the company said.

In addition, LinkedIn is offering free ads to select nonprofits and relief organizations that are recruiting at least 1,000 volunteers to distribute vaccines through June 30. It’s giving the same support to organizations that disseminate information about vaccination, including the WHO, the UN Verified Initiative and the Ad Council.

The vaccination program follows similar initiatives that recruitment sites launched at the onset of the pandemic to support the hiring of healthcare workers. LinkedIn said its own early-pandemic effort supported the filling of 330,000 jobs by delivering 4.8 million job applications.

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