Duunitori.fi, a Finnish job search engine, has rolled out an employer review tool. Reviews are anonymous and can be posted by current or former employees, as well as applicants.

The evaluation form includes questions about culture, remuneration and benefits, career and self-development, and company management and supervisors. Users are also asked if they would recommend the employer to their friends, as well as the employer’s most important characteristics. The reviews are included on the employer’s page and its job advertisements on Duunitori.fi.

Duunitori is one of the most popular recruitment verticals in Finland. Its main competitors are Schibsted’s Oikotie Jobs (part of Oikotie.fi) and Alma Career’s Monster.fi.

Duunitori received 3.9 million visits in January, according to SimilarWeb. Oikotie.fi counted 5.7 million visits across its categories, while Monster.fi saw 522,720 visits during the same period.

The vertical is owned and operated by Duunitori Ltd. The majority of the company’s shares belong to its founders Thomas Grönholm (LinkedIn profile) and Martti Kuusanmäki (LinkedIn profile).

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