Yahoo Japan has launched a beta version of its recruitment marketplace focused on side-jobs. Job-seekers will start to receive alerts once companies start posting gigs on the platform in May.

The Covid-19 has prompted people to move toward side-jobs for new normal, according to the company. Almost 10% of Japan’s employed population were working side jobs last year compared to 4% in 2017, according to the Japanese government. Yahoo Japan says that 80% of business plan advisers it surveyed were satisfied with their side-jobs.

Yahoo Japan is operated by SoftBank-backed Z Holdings, which also operates Yahoo Auctions, the leading horizontal in Japan. Yahoo Japan will face tough competition from the hundreds of recruitment marketplaces that operate in the country. The main players include Recruit Holdings, DIP Corp.Persol Holdings, and MyNavi Corp.

An announcement for Yahoo Japan’s new side-job site

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