Worki, a recruitment vertical owned by, changed its name to VK Jobs and integrated with the social network VK more.

The recruitment site has increasingly focused on recruiters in addition to candidates. While Worki is far from the most-visited recruitment site in Russia (it had around 642,000 visits last month, according to SimilarWeb), it is in the top-three when it comes to the number of active resumes on the site. This makes it highly appealing to recruiters.

Recruiters will also be able to benefit financially from the arrangement. If they operate a group on VK, they can post paid advertisements from VK Jobs and receive between 50% and 95% of the revenue from the ad. There are currently around 100,000 groups whose owners can benefit from the opportunity.

VK Jobs has also opened its database of seven million resumes to recruiters. If a recruiter wants to reach out to a candidate, they can pay a fee of RUB 45 ($0.61 U.S.) to receive contact information.

Worki has been available on both VK and Odnoklassniki, another popular social network in Russia, since last year. While the site will remain an independent operation, the closer integration with VK will allow it to benefit from the social network’s brand recognition.

“Change of the name will allow us to develop faster thanks to awareness of the VK brand. Together with the presence in the largest Runet platforms, this gives a good basis for further service growth, an increase of its regional availability and efficiency of the marketing campaigns,” said Alla Arshevskaya, the CEO of VK Jobs.

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