SaraminHR, a South Korea-based job site operator, has launched a jobs app for IT developers called JumpIt.

On the surface, the launch seems poorly timed. South Korea’s labor market has been rapidly deteriorating due to Covid-related lockdowns. The country lost one million jobs in January alone, according to Nikkei Asia. By the end of last year, unemployment was at its highest point in more than a decade. However, as hospitality and manufacturing sectors slash jobs, there has been a rising trend in jobs for tech talent.

There is a “fierce corporate competition for IT developers,” SaraminHR says, citing a report that showed substantial growth in the industry.  As digital transformation is accelerating across industries, it is becoming more and more necessary to recruit IT developers.

With the new app, SaraminHR has made its first expansion effort since it launched in 2004 with JumpIt already has 300 clients on its platform.

Its rival, Job Korea, also runs two job sites: and Incruit Corp. operates recruitment marketplace and part-time jobs site

SaraminHR is nurturing an ambition to spread across the region. Last year, it acquired a Vietnamese job site operator.

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