DirectlyApply, the U.K.-based recruitment search engine, has launched new features meant to boost completed application rates for mobile devices.

In a LinkedIn post, DirectlyApply co-founder Dylan Buckley said that of the 10,000+ jobs applied for on DirectlyApply each day, 70% are from mobile devices, but up to 30% of applications are not completed in one sitting.

Its Apply Later feature allows the 20-30% of users who begin an application but don’t complete it in one go to do so later. The new feature is already increasing conversion rates, the company said. Over half of the users who need to use this service end up completing their application in this way.

DirectlyApply sends candidates who don’t complete their application an email from a unique address. Applicants can then respond to the email with their resume, which is automatically parsed by the service. The candidate receives a secure link so they can upload via the web. As soon as the resume is received, it is sent on to the employer by DirectlyApply.

A second feature launched for its U.S. business is a ‘Reminder to Apply’ feature. This feature is meant for job seekers who find a position at a time where it’s not convenient to apply — such as on a break or on public transit. DirectlyApply sends an SMS reminder at a chosen time with a direct link to the job they want to apply for. DirectlyApply says the feature has been running for a few days and 75% of alerts sent have resulted in a completed application.

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