Glassdoor and Indeed are joining forces in the German-speaking countries. The companies have entered into a commercial partnership to increase its reach in the DACH region.

Indeed’s managing director for the DACH region, Frank Hensgens, announced the partnership in a recent LinkedIn post. “Indeed and Glassdoor join forces for even more reach and candidates. From my point of view, both companies complement each other perfectly: recruiting and employer branding can be dovetailed even better and our job advertisements are also displayed exclusively on Glassdoor,” he wrote. Two platforms, one price. I am really looking forward to this partnership, which Indeed will represent throughout the DACH region.”

Both companies are owned by Japanese recruitment giant Recruit Holdings, which bought Glassdoor in 2018 and Indeed in 2012. Indeed is the No. 1 recruitment marketplace in the world, while Glassdoor is one of the largest job sites in the world, based on global traffic rankings.

The news might not come as a surprise as both companies announced a similar move last year in the U.S., with Indeed making job postings available on Glassdoor. While the two companies are moving closer together, they will keep their distinct brands and operations. Indeed’s strength lies in jobs and Glassdoor is primarily known for its employer branding and employee insights.

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