Recruitment site ZipRecruiter has launched a feature that guides job seekers by telling them how suited they are for job openings.

Called “Insights,” the new feature helps users prioritize where to apply. The guidance uses algorithms that draw from billions of interactions between employers and job seekers on ZipRecruiter’s website, according to a company announcement

For each job, the company gives a score of “great match,” “good match,” “fair match,” or “not a match” — indicating how favorably a hiring manager will view the user’s application. 

It recommends ways a candidate might improve their chances, such as by updating their profiles or resumes with more relevant qualifications. 

ZipRecruiter claims that the feature has reduced applications to jobs for which users were not a match by 47%, on average, while raising applications to jobs for which they were a great match by 26%.

By traffic, ZipRecruiter ranks as the No. 3 recruitment site in the U.S. behind Recruit Holdings’ two dominant sites, and Glassdoor.

ZipRecruiter is a pay-per-click listings aggregator that last fall branched out by offering a marketplace for third-party online training programs

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