Igor Makarov

Avito, the largest general classified in Russia, has appointed Igor Makarov as Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer. Makarov has experience in marketing and consumer experience for Disney in Central Asia and Ivi, an online cinema.

Makarov (LinkedIn profile) will focus on strengthening Avito’s position on the market, as well as developing its brand. “For me, Avito is a team of thinkers, combined with a modern business culture, and the unique opportunity of considerable growth. Avito has already built a successful profitable business, and now we see new plans in front of us, such as launch at new markets, the creation of new products, the improvement of the customer experience, and the comprehensive development of the classified and the brand,” said Makarov.

Avito is increasingly focused on developing its marketplace features. Makarov’s experience in marketing communications and user experience was likely a strong draw for the company.

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