Poslovi.Infostud.com, the leading recruitment site in Serbia, has teamed up with Tačka Povratka (Returning Point), a Serbian program that aims to connect members of the Serbian diaspora to their homeland. Poslovi.Infostud will offer job placement services for Serbs returning to the country.

“Based on our experience, people from diaspora often encounter challenges when looking for adequate employment in Serbia,” said Ivan Brkljač, the director of Tačka Povratka. The new program includes a section on Poslovi.Infostud’s site that hosts positions for candidates with international experience.

The two organizations first teamed up in 2018 for Talenti na okupu (The Gathering of Talent), a conference held at the behest of the country’s prime minister. A similar conference was held the next year.

These events are crucial to Serbia, which is facing a massive decline in population. According to the Serbian Republic Bureau of Statistics, the country’s population has declined from 7.22 million in 2012 to 6.93 million in 2020. On top of that, a study from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation found that 75% of young people want to leave the country.

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