Syft, the British temporary staffing app that was acquired by Indeed’s owner Recruit Holdings in May 2019 has been rebranded to become Indeed Flex.

Syft Online Ltd was acquired by Recruit Holdings HR technology business unit through Indeed Ireland Operations Ltd. Syft was launched in 2015 as a recruitment platform for the hospitality, events and industrial industries in the U.K. by Novo Constare (LinkedIn profile) and Jack Beaman (LinkedIn profile) who had the idea after working as a temporary worker whilst at university.

The decision to rebrand Syft was announced in a LinkedIn post. Indeed said the move reflects changing working patterns, which has seen flexible work increase, even before Covid-19. Currently, a third of the U.K. workforce works part-time and flexible working is forecasted to increase as the economy recovers and people look for work to fit around other commitments and to co-exist with other priorities they have in their life. Indeed touts it as “a complete workforce management solution.”

Indeed said the changes and individuals’ desire to find work that fits in around their schedule is the catalyst to launch Indeed Flex in the U.K. The rebranded platform matches part-time and flexible workers with available shifts, helping employers fill shifts at short notice and at scale, using technology to manage the cost and acquisition of staff and vendors across wide geographical areas. The platform provides industrial, retail, hospitality, events, facilities management and care businesses to recruit in this way.

Employers can build long-term staffing partnerships, get tools to manage agencies or just use the platform to fill individual permanent or temporary roles

For jobseekers, it allows them to apply for shifts at short notice as their own schedules change, providing flexibility to find work, choice and some control over their working patterns. Candidates are vetted so they can find jobs in a fair and transparent way. Once verified, workers can qualify for employee benefits such as pensions, holiday pay and sick pay and opportunities to upskill.

The platform is already used by more than 5,000 employers, and a 44,000-strong temporary workforce in the U.K., according to Indeed.

“With many people looking to find work quickly and as employers ramp up their hiring, Indeed Flex  gives people the choice and control over their working schedule,” said CEO and co-founder, Jack Beaman.

“For employers in the U.K., Indeed Flex offers a complete workforce management solution incorporating vendor management system (VMS) and a fully managed service for their recruitment and staffing needs.”

There is more information on Indeed Flex here.

AIM Group has contacted Indeed to find out if there are plans to launch Indeed Flex in other countries and will update this article if and when we get a response.

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