, the Saltside-owned Bangladeshi horizontal, is outpacing the country’s other job sites. Bikroy’s recruitment vertical had between 500,000 and 600,000 visitors in January — far more than other recruitment sites, which experienced significant decreases in traffic last year.

Bikroy now shortlists candidates for its clients and offers them different packages designed for blue- and grey-collar jobs, said co-managing director Eshita Sharmin. The site has an employer dashboard that gives employers access to 750,000 profiles.

“We have revamped the whole jobs page into a role-based model with end-to-end solutions, and we have made the job application process easier,” Sharmin said. “We are working to provide big brands with HR solutions.”

Bangladesh’s online recruitment market has witnessed a significant transformation in the past year, with top job sites being replaced by newer players, according to the AIM Group’s research. Last year, challenged BDJobsToday for the No. 3 spot last year in the AIM Group’s EMP20.

While maintained its leading position among job verticals by traffic in January, and both dropped below the top three. They were replaced by, which is run by the Bangladeshi government, and

Nonetheless,, which previously had 380,000 monthly visitors and, which had around 250,000 visitors, lagged behind two previous toppers, which both had more than 500,000 visitors last January. also witnessed a drop in traffic, which fell from around 5.8 million monthly visitors in January 2020 to just 2.4 million this past January.

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