Tech recruitment site has unveiled improvements to its candidate profile tool, advancing the company’s evolution from job board to recruitment marketplace.

With the upgrades, Dice’s candidate profiles offer recruiters “the most detailed overviews in tech hiring, setting Dice apart as the career marketplace with the most comprehensive technologist insights,” according to a company statement.

“With the release of Candidate Profile, Dice’s one-of-a-kind platform now offers a differentiated approach to cataloguing technology skills, provides a skills-based approach for recruiters to find candidates who fit their needs, and allows for instant messaging to efficiently engage with those ideal candidates,” said Dice CEO Art Zeile wrote in a statement.

With 9 million candidate profiles and 5,150 enterprise subscribers, Dice is the leading niche recruitment site for technology jobs in the U.S. However, its revenues have been slipping for the past several years, and continued to slide last year. Dice’s income of $19.4 million was down 17% from 2019, while DHI as a whole reported $33.2 million in revenue, down 12% year-on-year.

DHI has been shedding assets and transforming from a simple job-posting site to a marketplace where job seekers and employers interact and share information.

To make this pivot, Dice has added employer profiles to the site and in November, it added an instant messaging feature. When the firm announced 2020 earnings in early February, it reported 30,000 conversations had already taken place with the feature.

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