MercadoLibre (Nasdaq:Meli), an e-commerce and classifieds site operating in several Latin American countries, plans to double its workforce from 16,000 to 32,000 people this year.

The positions will reinforce the company’s businesses in several Latin American countries, notably in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

Out of the new 16,000 job positions, 11,000 are for its logistics business, MercadoEnvios, while another 4,000 are technology-related and 1,000 will serve other areas.

Sebastian Silva, Chief People Officer at Meli, said in a LinkedIn post that the company will hire in one year what it took 21 years to do.

“We’ll create 16,000 new job positions, the same quantity of (jobs) we generated in 21 years of history,” he said.

Brazil will add 7,200 job positions, followed by Mexico (4,700), Argentina (2,800), Colombia (850), Chile (300), and Uruguay (150).

Separately, David Geisen, country manager at MercadoLibre Mexico said the company will also invest $1.1 billion in the Spanish-speaking nation to boost its presence and help the local economic growth.

“Just in 2021 we surpassed what we invested in the past four years,” Geisen said.

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