British online automotive marketplace Carzam has reported record sales for last week as U.K. car showrooms reopened in England and Wales.

Although Carzam didn’t announce exact figures because, it said, they are too “commercially sensitive,” the company did say that it is on target to sell more cars than either British rival Cazoo or U.S. auto marketplace Carvana did in their first year. Cazoo sold about 10,000 cars in its first year.

Carzam launched in December, just as the U.K. was entering its third lockdown and sold over 1,000 cars in its first six weeks. It had sold over 1,600 by the end of January, just eight weeks after launching.

Carzam is owned by Peter Waddell, Big Motoring World CEO, and John Bailey, former president of international operations at Cox Automotive. All its vehicles are prepared at a central hub in Peterborough. It offers home delivery or customers can collect cars in London or Corby. Carzam is planning to open a third collection point soon.

“It’s clear that the pandemic has changed customer behavior for good,” said Kirk O’Callaghan, chief executive of Carzam.

“Our sales have seen a big boost as the country’s economy opens back up – a huge one, in fact, beating all previous weekly volumes.”

In a LinkedIn post Carzam said: “Despite having more options than ever, customers continue to want to buy their cars online, and we’re here for them when they do.”

New research from Auto Trader backs up the view that the pandemic has changed consumer car buying habits permanently. It found 41% of buyers expect to buy their next car online, while 61% said they would consider doing so.

Last week Carzam launched a ‘chat and buy’ service to allow prospective buyers to reserve a vehicle while they discuss any issues with Carzam’s sales team before committing to the purchase.

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