HeadHunter, the leading recruitment marketplaces in Russia, has launched QHH, a questionnaire with built-in methodology and analytics for HR departments. QHH allows employers to systemize feedback from employees, identify areas for growth and manage personnel turnover. 

The target audience for the new service is mid-sized companies and enterprises with 100 or more employees. To manage personnel turnover, employers can use QHH to conduct exit interviews in order to determine reasons for termination and levels of employee satisfaction.

QHH helps companies identify issues in corporate culture and working conditions. It also includes the Enterprise Network Simulation Platform (ENSP), which allows companies to better understand employees’ conditions. QHH can also be used to improve recruitment processes — for example, to collect feedback from candidates who have been interviewed. 

Questionnaires are ready to use 15 minutes after interviews, and results are stored in the company’s account as exportable and customizable infographics.

“In Russia, a lot of companies sill invest in recruitment rather than in retention. QHH covers the full employee experience, from interviews to termination, including retention and engagement. We understand there are lots of factors that influence employees’ experiences — from how efficient they are to how long they’ll stay at a company. Often, HR departments don’t have the metrics to understand these factors. We tried to address these issues with QHH,” said Nikolai Velichko, project manager for QHH.

In March, HeadHunter.ru recorded 55 million total monthly visits, according to SimilarWeb. 

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