Finland-based media and marketplace operator Alma Media has appointed Kari Kivelä as head of its Alma Consumer division that includes real estate and automotive verticals.

The company has also nominated Jaakko Haapakangas and Heikki Huttunen as managers of the automotive vertical as well as the real estate, comparison, and sharing economy services respectively, effective from May.

Kivelä (LinkedIn profile), who has worked as editor in chief of Alma Media’s Iltalehti since 2005, will be in charge of the media and ad-funded services vertical. He will also supervise the work of Jaakko Haapakangas and Heikki Huttunen.

Jaakko Haapakangas (LinkedIn profile) had been in charge of auto-focused Nettix’s marketplaces until March when Alma Media acquired it from Otava Group. Heikki Huttunen (LinkedIn profile) has been with Alma Media since 2005, serving as CEO of Alma Mediapartners.

The appointments result from the segment restructure that Alma Media announced in February. In the move, the company decided to start reporting its real estate and automotive classifieds businesses operated by Alma Mediapartners in the newly created Alma Consumer business segment.

The Alma Consumer segment includes the multi-channel news and lifestyle media Iltalehti, real estate vertical and rental site, the automotive marketplace as well as the housing and car trade systems that serve companies operating in these fields. The segment also houses Alma Media’s comparison services, including Autojerry, Urakkamaailma and Etua.

Starting from Q2 of FY2021, Alma Media will also report Nettix’s marketplaces as part of its Alma Consumer division.

Alma Media focuses on digital services and publishing. The company’s headquarters is in Finland, but it also operates in other Nordic countries, the Baltics, and Central Europe. It’s listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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