OLX Group has appointed Evan Waters as its new head of marketing for Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal.

Waters will lead the customer unit dedicated to OLX Goods/Jobs and Services for the three countries. OLX Group’s real estate and auto categories and platforms will be led by a different marketing team, company officials told the AIM Group.

Waters (LinkedIn profile) was appointed to the role from within Prosus Group, the international multi-vertical marketplace operator that owns OLX. He held several positions in more than five years at Prosus, and most recently served as senior director of marketing and growth while based in Amsterdam.

On LinkedIn, Waters, who will work out of Lisbon, called his move “an incredible opportunity to join one of the largest consumer brands globally.”

Waters described the company’s mission as simple: “People are online trying to buy and find things. When we succeed in helping them, our organization succeeds, too. Our team is battle-tested and has demonstrated incredible perseverance to re-invent themselves while tackling new challenges. While competition is fierce, so too is our resolve,” he said.

OLX Group is a network of leading marketplaces with more than 20 brands in over 30 countries and used by 300 million people every month, according to the company.

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