TikTok is testing a new recruitment tool that would allow employers to post jobs on its platform, according to a recent report from Axios.

The tool would be available on an external website accessible via the TikTok app and mainly list entry-level positions. TikTok users could apply to jobs by sending in a short video resume.

Highly popular among Gen Zs, TikTok has grown from an entertainment app to a broader social media platform where users create content about wide-ranging topics, including job seeking and career planning.

In March, a Washington Post article reported that TikTok is emerging as a force in the job search ecosystem. As unemployment remains high, a new generation is looking for their first jobs. Pandemic isolation often leads to hours of mindless scrolling–and increased viewership.

Axios reports that TikTok has approached several brands and is currently making a beta test of this new feature with a group of companies.

If the feature is rolled out, it could popularize video applications and transform recruitment practices, especially during a year in which companies and employees are reimagining the future of work.

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