This post was updated on 24th June., the state-owned job board in France, has found personal data of its 120,000 users leaked due to ‘human actions’, after an initial investigation in collaboration with the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI), BFM TV reported.

Last week, the recruitment site ordered a probe into an incidence of leakage of its users’ personal data on hackers’ forum. The leaked data containing first and last names, age, telephone number, email address, postal code, level of studies and license details of job-seekers was purported to affect 1.2 million people.

Personal data of job-seekers was put on sale as a file on the hackers’ forum for approximately $1,000, according to tech experts who also shared the forum’s screenshot on Twitter.

Pole-Emploi had not commented on the existence or the extent of the data leak, according to the country’s most-watched news channel.

Now, it confirms the affected people are 10 times less than what was expected.

“Pôle emploi has informed the people concerned who have already been identified and will do the same when its investigations have been completed and made it possible to identify all the people concerned,” the firm said.

Pole Emploi has around 50,000 recruiting agents for 6.6 million registered job seekers. By traffic, it is the No. 1 recruitment site in France, with 32.3 million visitors in May compared to competitors (15.3m) and the HelloWork network with around 10 million visits, according to SimilarWeb.

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