Prosus, the Amsterdam-based marketplace giant, has announced acquisition of a majority stake in GoodHabitz, an online learning platform in Europe, for €212 million ($257 million).

GoodHabitz B.V., founded in 2011, lets employers upgrade multiple soft-skills from leadership and management to digital learning of their employees. It is now serving nine European markets in addition to its original market in the Netherlands.

Currently, GoodHabitz offers 150 courses in eight languages.

This is the third acquisition by Prosus in the educational technology firms after Udemy and Codecademy. The group is also moving into edtech development by investing into Stack Overflow, an online community for software developers, and Skillsoft, a publisher of training software used by businesses.

“If this past year has shown us anything it is that technology can fundamentally change a sector and enable it to scale much quicker, and this is especially true in learning and education. The future of workplace learning is rapidly evolving and the companies that can engage their employees in a digital environment successfully will do well moving forward,” said Larry Illg, CEO of Prosus EdTech.

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