The Italian property marketplace has announced the launch of Immobiliare Insights, a business unit made up of engineers and data scientists specializing in real estate market data.

Immobiliare Insights aims to increase transparency in the sector, making data more accessible for real estate players such as banks, investors, builders, real estate agencies and professional operators in the valuation field.

“Over the past sixteen years, has accumulated an enormous amount of data concerning trends in prices and demand and supply, and has created a database already used by various institutional bodies and universities for their official studies on the real estate market,” said Antonio Intini, chief business development officer at and head of the new business unit.

Immobiliare Insights will monitor over 300 territorial variables daily, integrating more than 30 million supply data points from the past decade, and will offer users 1 billion data points on demand. The Italian classified will also cross reference its information with the databases of national institutions in the field.

The new business unit will also take on all the functions of the company’s research department to carry out market analyses available to the press and all those interested in learning about industry trends.

“We integrate this valuable data resource with a strong analytical and technological competence that allows us to process and interpret market trends and indicators, making them readable, thanks to analyses and customized studies based on the needs of each client,” said Intini.

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