This week, online automotive marketplace CarGurus (Nasdaq: CARG) shared the results of its its latest consumer sentiment survey focused on perceptions of autonomous vehicles (AVs).

According to CarGurus Self-Driving Vehicle Sentiment Survey, despite the general public’s increased familiarity with AVs, excitement about autonomous vehicles has not increased over the past two years. Just over half of 1,247 respondents reported they would still want to drive a self-driving car, and a mere 20% felt comfortable sharing the road with self-driving delivery trucks.

Respondents most trusted Tesla to develop AVs, followed by Apple and Toyota. Still, 20% of respondents did not trust any brand to work on autonomous vehicles, and 56% of respondents believe companies should bear responsibility for any accidents involving AVs. Respondents were more enthusiastic about other applications of autonomous vehicles– for example, 56% of respondents would use AVs to drive them home safely when they could not drive themselves, and 42% expressed interest in autonomous parking features.

Respondents were more excited about advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), like back-up cameras, that are already available on the market than new autonomous driving technology.

“While there is hesitancy around self-driving technology, how consumers envision themselves using the technology would require full autonomy – which is still a goal that the industry is striving toward. Until then, shoppers are looking for driving technology that helps them stay in control, rather than technology that takes total control,” said Madison Gross, director of Customer Insights at CarGurus.

CarGurus is an online auto marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of new and used cars. The brand also operates marketplaces in Canada and the United Kingdom.


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