Dutch automotive resale marketplace AutoCircuit, owned by Mediahuis, has merged with AutoTrack and joined the Automotive MediaVentions group of brands.

Automotive MediaVentions is a joint venture between Benelux rivals DPG Media and Mediahuis, formed in 2019, which includes the Netherlands top  automotive marketplaces, AutoTrack and GasPedaal, and AutoWereld.

Extending the geographic reach of AutoTrack is the principal purpose and benefit of this merger, according to Automotive MediaVentions’ commercial director, Rico van der Vies. AutoCircuit is owned by the NDC MediaGroep, a regional publisher in the northern provinces of the Netherlands and its key value proposition for buyers was that its offering was “in your area.” The marketplace homepage is still visible, however searching for a car now redirects to AutoTrack.nl.

This merger follows Mediahuis’ acquisition of the NDC media group in 2020 and is in line with the consolidation of Dutch automotive marketplaces under Automotive MediaVentions. The joint venture’s biggest challenger is the Adevinta-owned Marktplaats. The general marketplace is the number two e-commerce site in the Netherlands, second to Bol.nl and ahead of Amazon.nl according to SimilarWeb

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