The AIM Group has ranked the world’s Top 50 general marketplaces and classified sites by monthly visits, based on our in-house analytics and April 2021 data.

EBay: 886 million. The global giant has become much more of a b-to-c offering following its start as a c-to-c auction site, but EBay continues to handle significant c-to-c transactions across more than 50 countries where it operates.

OLX: 432 million.* Prosus-owned OLX Group continues to restructure its assets. In July, the company merged its OLX sites in Central America with regional horizontal business Encuentra24 in return for a 37.5% stake in the company. Includes OLX-Brazil, a joint venture between Prosus and Adevinta, and OLX sites operated by EMPG and Encuentra24. 332 million. Privately owned Craigslist has been the No. 1 horizontal in the U.S. for the last 25 years. However, it now faces serious competition from the Prosus-backed merged OfferUp / LetGo entity, Mercari and Facebook. 266 million. Operated by Prosus, Avito has been the No. 1 horizontal in Russia since 2013 when and Slando.ruwere folded into the Avito brand. In February, the horizontal announced a move to a full marketplace model. 166 million. Adevinta – owned LeBonCoin is the No. 1 horizontal in France. It’s strong in all verticals but real estate is its most profitable, accounting for around a quarter of revenue. The marketplace has grown by almost 50 million additional monthly visits during the past year. 159 million. The No. 1 horizontal in Germany, the site is the main driver of revenue growth for EBay Classifieds Group, a business unit set to be acquired by Adevinta this year. The site outranks Germany’s other horizontals, including and Quoka, by a large margin. 149 million. Operated by Z Holdings (formerly Yahoo Japan Corp.), Yahoo Auctions is the No. 1 horizontal in Japan. Yahoo Auctions still operates in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Japan, it faces competition from, Mercari and Rakuma. 116 million. SahibInden has been the No. 1 horizontal in Turkey since its launch in 2000. In June, the marketplace launched remote-viewing services for real estate and cars, as it looked to mitigate the impacts of a nationwide lockdown due to the pandemic. 108 million. Mercari is a marketplace app operating in Japan (where it’s headquartered) and the U.S. In Japan, it’s No. 2 in Japan behind Yahoo Auctions, and also competes with Rakuma and In Q3 FY2021, the company saw its fourth consecutive quarter of profitability.

Gumtree: 77 million. Launched in 2000 in the U.K., Gumtree was acquired by EBay in 2005. Its focus is on English-language markets. It’s the No. 1 horizontal in the U.K., Australia and South Africa, No. 3 in Singapore, and No. 4 in Ireland. EBay is looking to sell the U.K. Gumtree business to clear competitive hurdles for the Adevinta / EBay Classifieds Group transaction.

Kijiji: 68 million. The No. 1 horizontal in Canada, with additional sites in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Italy. The brand was launched in 2004 by EBay. Its vertical spinoff Kijiji Autos has been given special focus for expansion in Canada. 66.6 million. Adevinta-owned Subito is the No. 1 horizontal in Italy, with a clear lead on EBay-owned Kijiji. In May, the marketplace introduced peer-to-peer payments with an escrow solution. Kijiji is now owned by Adevinta. 54 million. Acquired by EBay in 2004, Marktplaats is the dominant No. 1 horizontal in the Netherlands. In autos, the horizontal’s leading category, it’s competing against the DPG Media / Mediahuis JV and AutoScout24. It’s now owned by Adevinta. 48 million. Schibsted-owned Finn is the No. 1 horizontal in Norway. Schibsted In May, Schibsted was told by a competition tribunal that it had to sell its majority stake in Nettbil, an auto auction company that was already integrated into Finn. 43 million. Owned by Adevinta, Milanuncios is the No. 1 horizontal in Spain by traffic and is a major component of Adevinta Spain’s strategy. It competes with privately owned mobile-first marketplace Wallapop.

Trovit: 39.2 million. Trovit aggregates autos, jobs, general goods and real estate listings in more than 50 countries. Headquartered in Barcelona, it was acquired by Japan-based Lifull in 2014.

Bazos: 39.1 million. Bazos is an independently owned horizontal operating in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. It’s the No. 1 site in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Mitula: 37.4 million. Like its sister site Trovit, Mitula is an aggregator operating in more than 50 countries. It was acquired by Lifull in 2018. Mitula focuses primarily on real estate, but runs listings in autos, jobs and fashion, too.

MercadoLibre: 35.1 million. MercadoLibre is an e-commerce marketplace / fintech giant. It offers b-to-c and c-to-c listings. Operating in 19 LatAm markets, its autos and real estate verticals are especially successful. Listed on Nasdaq, it’s most active in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile.

58.Com: 30.4 million. The No. 1 horizontal in China, 58.Com is particularly strong in recruitment. In September, 58.Com was delisted from the NYSE after going private in a $8.7 billion buyout that was orchestrated by a consortium of investors, including Warburg Pincus Asia, General Atlantic and Shanghai-based private equity firm Ocean Link Partners. 29.8 million. Adevinta-owned Kufar is the dominant classifieds site in Belarus. The site has pursued a strong verticalization strategy through its property vertical and car vertical

Locanto: 29.2 million. Owned by Germany-based internet company Yalwa, Locanto operates in more than 70 countries. Its largest market is Australia, where it’s a distant rival to market leader Gumtree. 27.5 million. Ruten is a c-to-c auction platform operating mainly in Taiwan. Its a joint venture between China-based e-commerce company PCHome Online and EBay. 26.5 million. OfferUp is a mobile marketplace operating in the U.S. The company recently merged with LetGo in the U.S.. Primary rivals to OfferUp are Craigslist and Mercari. The company just named a new CEO. 26.2 million. Blocket is the No. 1 horizontal in Sweden. Owned by Schibsted, it’s strong across all verticals, especially autos and recruitment. In real estate, it lags vertical leader Hemnet and it has given up on real estate for-sale advertising.

Carousell: 26 million. Carousell is a mobile-first marketplace based in Singapore, operating there and in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Australia. In April, the company launched a new unit focused specifically on the automotive category. 25.1 million. Sometimes called the Craigslist of Saudi Arabia, Haraj is the dominant classifieds site in the country. It has an unusual business model: Users tick a box whereby they make a religious oath to pay a 1% commission if they sell successfully. The site is privately owned. 23.8 million. Youla is the main competitor to horizontal leader in Russia. Owned by Group, it’s a mobile-first marketplace. The site saw annual revenue increase by 43% to $41 million U.S. in FY2020. 23.4 million. Divar is the No. 1 horizontal in Iran, launched in 2012 as a side project of Cafe Bazaar, the local version of Google Play. Its primary rival in the country is privately owned Sheypoor. 23 million. The No. 1 horizontal in Finland, Tori is owned by Schibsted. The parent company acquired No. 2 horizontal Oikotie in August. Tori and Oikotie are the focal points of Schibsted’s strategy in Finland, with concentrations on real estate and recruitment. 22.3 million. Ria is a horizontal launched in Ukraine by a group of local entrepreneurs. It’s strong in autos and real estate. Ria competes with market leader OLX. 21.1 million. The No. 1 horizontal in Austria, WillHaben is a joint venture between Styria Media Group and Adevinta. InAugust, Willhaben expanded its online payment suite. / 20.6 million. 2DeHands and 2EmeMain in Belgium are Flemish and French versions of the same marketplace. Owned by EBay in June, the sites occupy the No. 1 position in the country. They’re now owned by Adevinta.

OpenSooq: 20.2 million. Jordan-based OpenSooq is focused on MENA markets, operating across 20 countries in the region. In June, it raised $24 million U.S. to finance expansion in the key regional markets of Saudi Arabia and the UAE 18.7 million. Wallapop is the No. 2 marketplace in Spain by monthly visits. In February, Wallapop raised $191 million U.S. in a Series G equity financing round led by Korelya Capital, which valued the business at $844 million U.S. 18.2 million. Trade Me is the No. 1 horizontal in New Zealand, with a market-leading presence in all verticals. It’s owned by London–based in vestment house Apax Partners, which bought it in May 2019 for $1.7 billion (U.S.). 17 million. Jmty is the No. 3 horizontal in Japan. The Japanese classifieds market is highly competitive, and Jmty competes with the No. 1 horizontal Yahoo Auctions and mobile app Mercari. 16.9 million. Jofogas is the No. 1 horizontal in Hungary. It’s owned by Adevinta. In February, the site teamed up with Foxpost, a package network, to speed up deliveries for items purchased on the site. 16.4 million. Part of Markt Gruppe, is the No. 2 horizontal in Germany, behind and ahead of community classifieds site 15 million. Njuskalo is the dominant horizontal in Croatia. Owned by Styria Media Group, the site has a strong presence across all verticals. In September, it launched image-recognition tools to help value goods. 14.9 million. Switzerland-based Ricardo is an auction-based site and the leading c-to-c marketplace in the country. Owned by TX Markets, it introduced expansive user profile settings for sellers in September. 14.3 million. KupujemProdajem (“buying, selling”) is the dominant classified site in Serbia. It’s owned by Netherlands-based Quable. The horizontal launched a recruitment category for the first time in May. 13.5 million. DBA is the No. 1 horizontal in Denmark. It was owned by EBay, which acquired it in 2008 and was It is expected to be transferred to Schibsted when the Adevinta / EBay Classifieds Group transaction close. 12.6 million. Yapo is the No. 1 horizontal in Chile. In February, It was acquired by Frontier Digital Ventures from Adevinta for $19.5 million U.S. 12.5 million. Cho Tot is a leading horizontal in Vietnam. Following a merger in 2019 with parent company 701Search, Cho Tot is now part of the Carousell network in Southeast Asia. 12.5 million. Yad2 is the dominant site for classifieds in Israel. Owned by Axel Springer, it has few c-to-c competitors in the country across all categories. 12.4 million. Owned by Poland-based e-commerce company Allegro, AllegroLokalnie is a relatively new marketplace that has already become No. 2 in the country, challenging via transactions. 11.9 million. Tradera is the No. 2 marketplace in Sweden, behind Blocket. It is a hybrid with a mix of e-commerce, auctions and traditional classifieds. 11.9 million. Meinestadt is a community information and classified site in Germany, similar to NextDoor in the U.S.. It’s vying for the No. 2 position with Quoka and It was acquired by Axel Springer in 2012. 11.6 million. Skelbiu is the No. 1 horizontal in Lithuania. It’s owned by DigitNet, the operator of other Lithuanian classified sites, including the market-leading recruitment, real estate and autos sites.

Methodology: This list includes general marketplaces and classified sites with a significant c-to-c component. Rankings are based on total monthly visits in April 2021, sourced from SimilarWeb, with international domains aggregated to create a traffic total for one specific brand. For example, monthly visits to all OLX sites globally have been combined into a global total. Pure mobile apps are not included due to the challenges of comparing app usage to site visits. Facebook Marketplace is excluded because its traffic is not tracked externally or released by the company. Monthly visits to China-based sites may be inaccurate, due to the country’s firewalls, and are likely to be higher than stated by SimilarWeb.

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