British real estate portal Zoopla has launched ‘In Search’ adverts that click through to their own websites to support agents and housebuilders to maximize business at a time of record demand from buyers.

The new adverts are presented in line with property listings to match the look and feel of a listing, which, Zoopla says, leads to higher user engagement and a less intrusive ad experience for consumers. It claims since roll-out a month ago the advert campaigns have delivered a click through rate more than five times that of similar products.

It’s an additional service to its ‘Area Sponsorships’ which also allow agents to click through to their own websites. Zoopla also said these listings are different from its ‘advanced’ property listings, which use more photos and property details than its standard listings.

The ‘In Search’ adverts are shown on Zoopla’s listings search page which attracts over 120 million views per month. Adverts benefit from improved targeting capabilities and a bigger inventory, with five ad slots available per page. The product is flexible and doesn’t have to be used solely for properties. It can be used to promote other services such as conveyancing or mortgage brokers.

Advertisers can save on costs because the adverts are built and managed by Zoopla which means they match the look and feel of the Zoopla website. The product is charged at a flat monthly cost, so costs less the more impressions the adverts receive.

“The pandemic and the search for space has led to a range of homeowners deciding to enter the market including many second and third steppers and downsizers,” said Zoopla CCO Andy Marshall.

“As we look to support agents and housebuilders to capitalize on this momentum, the launch of ‘In Search’ ads gives agents the opportunity to ensure they’re in prime position to capture the interest of these motivated homeowners.”

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