Mongolia-based real estate marketplace and online real estate agency ReMax have agreed to cooperate for promotional efforts, leads generation and sales execution.

Signed last week, the agreement gives access to inventory from more than 1,000 ReMAx agents, which also benefits from the former’s promotional channels to explore leads. is owned by Australian-based Digital Classifieds Group (DCG), which also operates real estate classifieds in Laos, in Cambodia, in Fiji and in Papua New Guinea.

DCG also operates general classifieds and, in terms of market choice, the group is in direct competition with Emerging Classifieds Ventures, which also focuses on early-stage real estate and auto markets.

Re/Max is U.S.-based real estate company operating through franchise system in 100 countries. Along with, it teamed up with real estate sales company Juwai IQI in April to support its expansion project. said it would continue to work with developers and sales and brokerage companies and facilitate the ecosystem through use of technology.

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