Mave, a niche job board, launched this month in Tampa, Fla., with the hope of creating a community for smaller software vendors and salespeople.

Although it’s not the first job board with a focus on software sales (Salestrax plies the same waters), founder and CEO Stephen Daspit says it’ll be the first that caters especially to growing, newer firms and sales people who want to get in on the ground floor.

“There are job boards that cater to the big firms, like Salesforce and Microsoft, but there are a lot of little firms and lots of people want to work for startups. We want to help those little guys to get found.”

As a bootstrapped firm with no outside investors, Mave (short for “maven,” a synonym for “expert”) would not have the budget for the more obvious Google keywords. So Daspit hopes to drive traffic with fine-mesh filtering. Job seekers, for instance, can note in their profiles the size and time cycles of deals they’ve done, size of companies they’ve sold to, notable clients they’ve worked with, and departments they’ve sold into. Eventually, Daspit said the site will allow companies and job seekers to find each other through company culture preferences (e.g., whether you can bring your dog to work.)

Job seekers can view posted jobs without creating a profile, however if they want to apply, they’ll need to fill one out. The profiles can then serve as resumes and enable one-click applications.

Daspit, who completed his bachelors in business administration just four years ago, has worked since then as a self-employed recruiter of software sales executives. He said he learned the challenges of the trade and hopes Mave can help solve them. 

With no background in programming, Daspit built the site with a team of developers, who continue to build out the site. The site recently hit a benchmark of 1,000 job posts — all culled directly from employers, Daspit said.

The business model now is a flat monthly fee for an unlimited number of job posts. That said, several of Mave’s current clients are now posting for free, Daspit said.

“We’re in a proof-of-concept stage,” he explained. “We want to prove our value to our customers.”

If things go well, the site could move to a pay-per-click model, he added.

Ultimately, Daspit hopes Mave will become not just a job board, but a community that brings together sales professionals, software firms that employ 10-250 sales staff, and career trainers who contribute content to the site while also fishing for students.

“I see it as a combination of LinkedIn and Glassdoor, but for software sales,” he said. “Software sales has a lot of turnover, for good or bad,” Daspit said. “It’s good to be part of a community when you find yourself looking for new opportunities.”

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