Youla, the No. 2 horizontal in Russia, has published its Q1 2021 fraud report, which underlines the company’s efforts in combating fraudulent activities.

In 2021, the most efficient anti-fraudulent mechanisms used by Mail.Ru Group-owned Youla were:

  • Neuron networks taught to identify scammers.
  • Hidden phone numbers for in-app audio and video calls.
  • Website blocks (more than 1,400 websites were blocked from duplicating Youla listings).
  • Account verification via Russian social media network VKontakte and video selfies.

In Q1 2021, according to Youla, the scam index (the possibility to meet a fraudster) at Youla was 0.0285%. That is 12% less than it was in Q4 2020. In Q1, the major identified challenge was automated phone number parsing. In April, this problem resulted in the growth of applications to the support service by 23%. After blocking bot-driven parsing options, this challenge was addressed. As a result, at the end of April, the number of scammers on the platform reduced by 2.5 times compared to the beginning of the month.

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