Roam Jobs, a division of Ringier One Africa Media, has announced the relaunch of recruitment site, BrighterMonday Uganda, and appointed Brian Ntambirweki as the new chief executive.

The online recruitment site which launched in Uganda in 2015 shut down operations in 2016 following the acquisition of its parent company One Africa Media by Ringier AG to form Ringier One Africa Media. 

This shut down according to reports was in a bid to restrategize on how to run a profitable enterprise in the East African region following the new take over.

Five years later, BrighterMonday is back in Uganda to connect small and medium businesses with the best talents and improve their productivity using advanced technology and highly digitized processes. According to ROAM Jobs Managing Director Hilda Kabushenga Kragha, this is important because small and medium businesses employ over 2.5 million people in Uganda and contribute about 20% of the country’s GDP.

Brian Ntambirweki, who previously served as Marketing Manager at the firm in 2015, will now lead the charge for the growth and sustainability of the business.

“I’m excited to re-join the BrighterMonday Uganda team. BrighterMonday has gone a long way in its aim to digitise Human Resources and Transform Productivity in Uganda – through superior technology, operational excellence and impeccable customer care,” he said.


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