Aures Holdings-owned auto vertical AAAAuto is planning to employ 270 people to its branches in Europe by the end of 2021.

The company is looking for candidates for 183 positions in the Czech Republic, 25 in Slovakia, and 62 in Poland. The vacancies include accountants and administrative staff, contact center operators, car dealers, financial product brokers, specialists in preparing cars for sale, as well management positions for its startup Driverama, an online used-car platform launched in April in Germany.

AAAAuto is an auto vertical headquartered in the Czech Republic. It operates subsidiaries across other European countries, including Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. The company buys used cars and then it sells them to its customers through online and offline channels. It also acts as an intermediary in car financing.

In the first quarter of 2021, AAAauto sold 3,850 cars in Poland, 8,700 in the Czech Republic, and 2,650 in Slovakia. The group comprises 45 offline facilities in four countries: 22 branches in the Czech Republic, 10 in Poland, 12 in Slovakia, and 1 in Hungary

Aures Holdings was acquired by Abris Capital Partners, a private equity fund investing in Central Europe, in 2015.

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