Cian, the leading real estate vertical in Russia with a traffic volume of 32 million visitors in July 2021, has integrated aspects of Dom.rf, an integrated housing development institution, to incorporate a real estate verification service into its business. Cian will now check that buildings fit all necessary regulations and requirements, marking properties that pass the test with “Checked by Cian” or “Reliable building.” 

Dom.rf uses data from Unified Housing Information System (UHIS) to verify building permits, checking the reliability of construction companies, deadlines for putting buildings into operation and the availability of all the documents and maintenance, while publishing real pictures that show the building process.

Cian integrates some of Dom.rf’s functionality on its site, but if a user needs deeper research, they can use Dom.rf directly.

“With the development of Dom.rf-driven services, we enhance the availability of information within the real estate market. The collaboration between Dom.rf and Cian will increase consumers’ awareness about construction developers’ responsibilities,” said director of UHIS Aleksandr Lukianov, .

“For Cian, it’s very important to deliver consumers the fullest and the most reliable information about construction developers and their projects. Our collaboration with Dom.rf will help to address this challenge,” said Cian commercial director Mikhail Posrednikov.

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