German car-buying platform YesAuto has rolled out a new service that allows customers to sell vehicles online, the company announced in a press statement. The auto marketplace has teamed up with Carsale 24 to make the new option available.

Using the “sell” function, customers can list their used vehicles online and sell them to car dealers. The process aims to be straightforward with customers having to provide all vehicle data, including possible damages, and photos of the car. YesAuto verifies the data and lists the vehicle. Dealers approved by Carsale 24 will then be able to bid on the car. Following the bidding round, Carsale 24 will select the best offer while the customer is only obliged to sell the car if the asking price has been met.

“This new service from YesAuto saves everyone who wants to sell their car a lot of time and effort. YesAuto takes care of the communication process between those wanting to sell their cars and the professional dealers, guaranteeing a safe and problem-free implementation of all processes. In this way, the vehicle can be conveniently sold to the highest bidder and at no additional cost,” YesAuto said in the press statement.

YesAuto has been active on the German market for around a year with the marketplace listing around one million vehicles from 3,800 dealers. The company is part of Autohome, an online car sales portal in China, and also operates in the U.K. Earlier this year, YesAuto launched a car subscription service.

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