Grupa Pracuj has submitted a prospectus to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority together with an application for its approval in connection with the planned initial public offering on Warsaw Stock Exchange this year.

The company operates the No. 1 recruitment vertical in Poland and the leading Ukrainian job site It also owns the applicant tracking system ERecruiter, programming school Coders Lab and has been a minority shareholder at the employee wellbeing platform WorkSmile since July.

In 2020, Grupa Pracuj’s recruitment sites were used on average by 6.8 million users per month, including 3.1 million in Poland and 3.7 million in Ukraine. The company has 81,000 active clients, including over 1,500 companies using its eRecruiter system.

The largest shareholders of Grupa Pracuj include its founder Przemysław Gacek (55.64%), international investment group TCV Luxco Perogie (27.11%), and Maciej Noga (10.39%).

In FY2020, Grupa pracuj saw revenue of PLN 299.3 ($76.2 million U.S.) – down by 18.5% from 367.5 million Polish zlotys in FY2019). Grupa Pracuj’s FY2020 net profit amounted to PLN106.9 ($27.2 million U.S.) – down by 16.7% from PLN128.4 million in FY2019.

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