EBay Kleinanzeigen, one of Germany’s most visited websites and the No. 1 horizontal in the country, will soon have to change its name following Adevinta’s $9.2 billion cash-and-stock acquisition of EBay Classifieds Group.

Since EBay Kleinanzeigen is now part of Oslo-based marketplace operator Adevinta, it will have to change its EBay brand name by 2024. “For a period of three years we will be able to use the brand name EBay Kleinanzeigen as it is – with the logo and everything that goes with it,” said Paul Heimann, CEO of EBay Kleinanzeigen.

Ebay Kleinanzeigen is one of Germany’s most popular websites. This year alone, more than 900 million people have visited the website, according to the German Audit Bureau of Circulation. The website currently lists around 48 million ads. Facebook Marketplace is considered one of the portal’s main competitors in Germany.

“Classified ads have an enormous reach,” said Heimann. “This is of course also highly relevant for people who sell real estate or cars.” In Germany, EBay Kleinanzeigen is among the leading websites for privately sold used cars while it is also among the top websites for properties.

Adevinta is expected to take full advantage of EBay Kleinanzeigen’s dominant position in Germany. The acquisition has catapulted Adevinta from No. 11 in classified revenue globally to No. 3, based on 2019 revenue numbers.


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