Leading global trading classified OLX Group, which is backed by Prosus, announced that used car deals have exceeded $1 billion U.S..

Each month, approximately half a million cars are listed for sale by consumers and dealers on classifieds OLX Autos in India, Indonesia and Latin America. This rapid growth occurs in line with the integrated offline and online services the digital auto retail offers to sellers, buyers and dealers. Through the automotive marketplace, car sellers benefit from access to free assessments through the car inspection process, be it through a home inspection or at 450+ official OLX Autos inspection centers.

“What we do is innovate to solve customer problems, and we are constantly finding more ways to make the car transaction process as convenient as possible. We also introduced home inspections during the pandemic to help our customers who want to transact while restrictions occur in various regions,” said OLX Autos CEO Gautam Thakar.

He added that by integrating offline and online services into the customer experience, OLX Autos simplifies the car transactions process and is able to provide trust and peace of mind during one of life’s most important transactions.

Created in January 2020, OLX Autos provides an innovative transaction experience to customers during the Covid-19 pandemic by developing technology that allows customers to get services from home and carry out self-inspection. In this way, customers who want to sell their cars can simply use their smartphones to capture their car data, take photos, upload videos and record engine sounds and get a fair rating from the comfort of their own home.

“We use data, technology and artificial intelligence to provide sellers with reasonable car prices while offering insurance and guarantees to buyers to provide peace of mind during the transaction process,” said Thakar.

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