The business and career network New Work is going to move more than 900 employees to its new headquarters in Hamburg on Sept. 16. The building, known as New Work Harbour, is situated on the iconic banks of the river Elbe. New Work said it was creating one of the most attractive working environments in Germany.

“We have created a place that is radically different from the office as we used to know it. The New Work Harbour offers our employees a completely new working environment. In addition to rooms for exchange, collaboration and concentrated work, there are numerous places to relax and recharge,” said Petra von Strombeck, CEO of New Work. “Nobody is able to be permanently productive, mental distraction is expressly desired here.”

The new headquarters offers various workspaces, a strong focus on collaboration, dialogue and communication and what the company calls “rooms for distraction, relaxation and contemplation.” The planning and renovation of the building took around two years. The interior of the award-winning building is currently being redesigned.

“Our goal was to develop an office that redefines New Work – both in terms of structural implementation and everyday life,” said New Work project manager Kai Hollensteiner. “Although New Work has in some ways been a reality for us for a long time, we have now followed this path even more consistently. We want to create a motivating, energetic working environment for our employees.”

The ground floor will be accessible to guests and offers direct access to the river. All workplaces are freely selectable and not permanently assigned. The board of directors will also sit together as a team in an open-spaced room as there are no individual offices. There are meeting and project rooms on every floor, soundproof boxes for private conversations or seating areas for up to four people. The company said one of its highlights was the sixth floor which comes with a roof terrace, an open-air “yoga corner”, a sound bar, and library.

New Work operates one of the largest online business networks in the German-speaking countries. Its main brand Xing, a LinkedIn competitor, has seen a rise in membership levels with 1.4 million people signing up to the business, taking total membership to 19.5 million.  Kununu, New Work’s employer review platform, now hosts around 5.4 million workplace insights.

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