Avito, the largest horizontal in Russia, has developed Avito Academy to teach users selling goods on its site.

Avito Auto, the automotive vertical of Avito, has launched the first course in Russia for the promotion and sales of trucks and special equipment at its own educational site, Avito Academy. Online training is available for free. The Academy’s course is targeted towards official dealers and large sellers as well as for individuals selling cars on a one-time basis.

As Avito Academy develops, it is focusing on incorporating the interests of all users involved in the sale of commercial cars into its services, from directors and marketers to heads of sales departments and individuals. Each user will be able to learn about the tools of the service that will help them achieve their individual goals. As part of online training, Avito Academy experts analyze the typical mistakes Avito Auto classified users make, and teach students how to avoid them.

“More than 6 million users come to Avito Auto every day in search of commercial transport, and it’s expected Avito Academy will teach all market participants to realize their business potential,” said Sergey Nikolskiy, head of auto services and commercial transport at Avito Auto.

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