United Classifieds, a company managing classifieds sites for Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia, saw revenue increase 13.6% while its loss decreased by 74.5% in FY2020, according to Finstat.sk.

The company earned €6.7 million ($7.9 million U.S.) last year, up from €5.9 million in FY2019. It recorded a loss of €166,269 ($196,539 U.S.), down from €650,344 a year earlier.

United Classifieds operates free ads horizontal Bazar.sk and several real estate verticals, including the leading apartment rental and sales site Byty.sk and TopReality.sk; new-buildings and development-projects site Novostavby.sk; a mobile-optimized, niche real estate search vertical called Nehnuteľnosti.sk; and holiday rental site Chaty.sk.

Auto verticals managed by United Classifieds include Autobazar.sk, Autobazar.eu, Autovia.sk (the oldest used-auto site in Slovakia) and new-vehicles niche site Novoautea.sk.

Ringier Axel Springer Media is a partnership between Swiss Ringier AG and Germany’s Axel Springer SE in the Eastern European markets. The partnership is likely to partly end this year as Ringier agreed in July to acquire all Axel Springer shares in Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The joint venture between Ringier and Axel Springer will remain in place in Poland.

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